32oz Party Starter

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Blackberry 32oz Slushie

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32 oz Party Starter Alcoholic Adult Slushie

If you havent heard of the Party Starter from Shenango Beverage, we might have to assume you've been living under a rock the last few years. At a whopping 32 ounces of boozey deliciousness, this adult slushie is exactly what its title claims.. a party starter!! Show up to any event with a few of these local legends and you yourself will be the legend of the night. Made with alcoholic malt liquors, our flavor list is long and always changing. Although we do have a few staples like our #1 top seller MXD Long Island Slushie (ABV 12%)  and the tasty Four Loko Red, Swedish Fish topping the ABV list at 14%. Other popular flavors include MXD Margarita Slushie (12%), Steel Reserve Blue Rasberry (8%), and Seagrams Spiked Jamaican Me Happy (8%) just to name a few. Straight from the can to our always churning slushie machines, these delicious icy drinks are not altered at all... simply frozen and ready to serve and take home. If you haven't tried one yet, the real question is what are you waiting for?!


Other alcoholic slushie flavors include Steel Reserve Blackberry, Pabst Blue Ribbon Iced Coffee, MXD Mai Tai, Smirnoff ICE Peach Mango, Smirnoff ICE Red, White, & Berry, and MXD Strawberry Daquiri (subject to change)