Angry Orchard Variety 12pk 12oz  Bottles
Angry Orchard Hard Cider Variety Pack

Angry Orchard Variety 12pk 12oz Bottles


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Enjoy this Variety Pack that Angry Orchard has to offer!!!

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Nice Variety, 19th Jan 2021

Reviewer: Joseph Tierney

I received this order, but it was incorrect. What I was looking for, and what I ordered, was the Angry Orchard “Orchard Explorer” mix pack, that includes the “Easy Apple” flavor. The Easy Apple is hard to find, which is why I ordered from your site when I saw this particular variety pack on there. The one that was sent to me only says “Explorer” on it and instead of the Easy Apple flavor, it has the “Unfiltered” flavor. Not that this would, typically, be a big deal, but I was ordering it to give to someone as a gift who really enjoys the Easy Apple. Otherwise, I’d have been able to pick up the variety pack I received at a distributor near me without paying the shipping cost.

My question is, do you happen to have the variety pack that includes the Easy Apple flavor? If so, can we work something out that I could order that and not have to pay for shipping, again, and I’d also keep the variety pack I already received and paid for.

I sent an email to your company stating the above, but received no response.

Also, the shipping company used could have been better. Delivery to my residence was refused because I wasn't home to sign, which is fine, but then they delivered to my work, but to a different building of my company and got no signature, anyway.

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