Keystone Light 36pk 12oz Cans
Keystone Light

Keystone Light 36pk 12oz Cans


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Keystone beer is a product of the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. It was first introduced in Chico, California in September 1989. Keystone can be found in can, keg, and occasionally bottled form. Its "Light" variety is commonly labeled as "high school beer" due to it being very inexpensive and thus popular with young adults in the United States. Keystone Light has a 4.2% a concentration less than standard American lagers, and roughly equal to other macro "light" brews.

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Easy Light, 7th May 2020

Reviewer: Duane Holmes

The beer itself is smooth and easy to drink, no harsh notes crisp clean flavor . The service is to be commended no matter what source you use for contacting you get friendly speedy service / I get mine shipped to me and am amazed at the job they do packing there product's up and it's always within 1 to 3 days . CHEERS

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